Upgrading ValleyStar’s Computer Systems and Core Conversion Process

ValleyStar Credit Union is committed to providing excellent service to its members. Our recent computer system upgrade and core conversion is a testament to our commitment to be the best in service and convenience amongst our peers. We are confident that this change will enable us to better serve our members and streamline our processes.

What is a system upgrade/core conversion?

The core processing system is the computer system that ValleyStar uses to maintain members’ accounts and loans and to process banking transactions. A core conversion is a change or update to the platform software that performs all major functions and transactions, as well as manages data.

Why did ValleyStar update the core processing system and what are the benefits?

Our new core processing system allows us to serve members more efficiently and enables us to offer our members new products and services in the future. This upgrade brings a host of benefits, changes, and improvements to ValleyStar’s online and mobile banking platforms, including:

  • Streamlined daily operations
  • More opportunities to offer innovative products and services
  • Greater efficiencies which will result in more member convenience

What changes will I see?

While most of the system changes are behind the scenes, members will notice some enhancements and added features to our online and mobile banking systems, including:

  • More user-friendly interface, making it easier to navigate through the various banking features.
  • Improved security measures. With the new system, members will have additional layers of security to safeguard their personal and financial information.
  • Improved mobile banking capabilities, including:
    • Biometric sign In
    • Pin Sign In
    • Password Sign In
    • View Balance and History on all accounts you own
    • View checks
    • See your Credit Score
    • Block / Unblock Debit Card
    • Manage Credit Card
    • Remote Deposit
    • Transfer Money
      • Transfer between your accounts.
      • Send Money to another financial institution.
      • Withdraw money from another institution.
      • Setup and send money to contacts.
      • Wire money
    • View statements
    • Add Alerts
    • Apply for Loans
    • Setup new accounts
    • Pay Bills
    • Business Banking

What will be staying the same?

Though members need to re-enroll in online and mobile banking, all account information and payment plans remain the same, including:

  • Account Numbers
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Checks
  • Direct Deposit of Payroll, Pension and Social Security
  • Automatic Transfers
  • Loan Payment Due Dates

What do members need to do after the conversion?

Members need to take a few quick and easy steps to begin using the new platform and online banking and mobile app. Here are the key steps members need to take to begin using the new system:

  • Download the new mobile app and delete the old one
  • Re-enroll and create new username and password
  • Set up new account alerts
  • Enroll in eStatements and eNotices

Overall, the system upgrade is a significant step forward for ValleyStar and its members. With improved security measures, enhanced features, and a more user-friendly interface, members can expect a better banking experience. ValleyStar is committed to providing its members with the best possible banking services, and the system upgrade is a testament to that commitment.

As always, ValleyStar remains dedicated to offering the highest level of service and commitment to our members. We want to thank our members for choosing us as their financial partner and we look forward to continuing to serve them in the future.

For additional information and FAQ about the system upgrade, visit https://www.valleystar.org/system-upgrade/.