When it comes to personal checking, we speak no monthly service charge! When you open a ValleyStar personal checking account, not only is there no minimum balance, there’s no monthly fee either. Best of all — your checking account at ValleyStar earns interest on any balance! Open your checking account online today!

We speak smart planning.

Did you know that a savings account isn’t the only option you have for building your wealth? We offer different savings options to build higher interest than traditional savings accounts on the funds you deposit. Make your money work for you. Best of all, you can open a savings, money market and IRA account online.

We speak build-your-wealth.

We carefully choose the organizations we work with that specialize in investment and insurance planning so that they can help you navigate your needs and answer all your questions. Although everyone’s situation is different, many members ask the same burning question – Will I have enough money in my retirement fund when I want to retire? It’s a valid concern considering increasing life expectancy, inflation and unpredictable markets. This is a problem we help our members solve every day.

We speak small business.

We speak value-that-means-business. As a business owner, your banking accounts should be the least of your worries! We recognize how hard you work, which is why ValleyStar Credit Union offers a variety of business checking accounts, savings and money market accounts to give your business valuable tools. Learn more about how to earn higher dividends compared to banks. Visit our branch in Roanoke or Richmond to learn about the best fit for your business’s needs.