We speak value.

There are so many reasons to bank with a credit union, but the main difference is simple: unlike most other financial institutions, credit unions do not issue stock or pay dividends to outside stockholders. Instead, earnings are returned to members in the form of lower loan rates, higher interest on deposits, and lower fees. So, the bottom line is your bottom line. With credit unions, you get less charges and more value.

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We speak community.

One great benefit of a credit union is that you are not just a number, you are a member of a community. Because credit unions are accountable to members and not shareholders, you are an important working part of the credit union itself, and you can feel the positive effect of this in different ways. For example, not only do you have the benefit of lower fees and rates, you also are part of the larger community of credit unions, resulting in a wider network for practical things like ATM locations.

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We speak your language.

The whole philosophy behind credit unions is about empowering people (rather than institutions), to help them reach their goals and live better lives. This idea is reflected not just in the way that we offer more value, but also in how we connect with each member personally. When you talk to one of our experts, you’ll be having a real dialogue that’s focused on finding the best way to help you, rather than a confusing series of questions that are all about rules, limits and or confusing terminology. At credit unions, we care about what you care about.

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