Your savings account at ValleyStar represents your share of ownership in the Credit Union. An initial deposit of $5 in your savings account establishes your membership and unlocks all the credit union products and services we have to offer. This initial $5 deposit is not a fee – it is your money in your account and will be returned to you should you discontinue your membership. The best part? Our savings accounts earn higher interest than most financial institutions AND you can open them easily online!

Features & Benefits

  • Represents your membership with ValleyStar
  • Above-average dividends earned
  • Up to six (6) free withdrawals per month
  • Online savings account option- Open and maintain completely online
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Club Accounts

Current Rates

Opening a Club account is an excellent way to save and earn dividends for future Christmas and vacation expenses, especially when used with payroll deduction. Before long, you’ll have a nest egg built up and can enjoy a nice vacation or go Christmas shopping without having to worry about where to get the funds.

Christmas Club Features & Benefits

  • Matures October 31 each year
  • No minimum to open
  • No monthly service charge
  • Best performance when tied to payroll deduction
  • Interest bearing on any balance

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