At ValleyStar, we know that times can get tough and money can be tight and that’s why we offer our skip-a-pay program year-round. We want to meet our members where they are. Whether you’re facing financial hardship, catching up on bills, saving for a vacation or wedding, or holiday shopping you can skip-a-payment on your qualifying loan.

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We must receive the skip-a-pay form and processing fee no later than one week before the due date in the month you want to skip. For example, if the loan payment you wish to skip is due on December 15, 2024, we need to receive it no later than December 8, 2024.

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Check our quick financial education videos to help you better understand what else we have to offer. We are here to make your banking experience easy without all of those confusing words. It’s your money and we’re here to help.

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Not interested in more information? That’s ok! You can still skip your loan payment.

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*A skip-a-payment is a modification to your current loan. Interest will continue to accrue on unpaid balances, and regular payments will start the next month. The loan contract will be extended to accommodate the skipped payment. Mortgages, home equity loans, credit cards, single-pay loans/day notes and commercial loans do not qualify for the ValleyStar Skip-A-Pay. Members are allowed up to two skip-a-payment per loan per rolling calendar year. The skipped payments must be at least six months apart. All loans must be current and in good standing when the request is processed.