General Fees For All Accounts
Cash Advance Fee (min. advance is $50) $0.00 members, $5.00 non-members
Cashier Check $3.00 each
Cashier Check Stop Payment $35.00 each
Check Cashing Fee $5.00 each*
Deposited Item/Loan Return Check Fee $25.00 each or $3 each if funds are available
Statement Copy Fee $3.00 per page
Wire Transfer $14.00 each
ValleyStar ATM/Debit Card Foreign ATM Fee (DBAs only) $1.00 each
Gift Card $3.00 each
Collection Item Fee $25.00 per item
Legal Process Fee $20.00 per hour, $10.00 minimum
Research $20.00 per hour, $10.00 minimum
Business Savings Account Fees
Account Number Transfer Fee $30.00 each
NSF Return/ACH Return Fee $35.00 each
ACH Stop Payment $35.00 each
Excess Withdrawal Fee (over 6 per month) $5.00 each
Inactivity Share (Savings) Account Fee $5.00 per month after 60 days of inactivity**
Account Closing Fee $10.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
Business Checking Account Fees
Minimum Balance Fee (Classic Business Checking) $12.00 per month if balance falls below $2,500
Check Copies $3.00 each
Checkbook Reconciliation $20 per hour, $10 minimum
Inactivity Fee (60 days) $5.00 each
Manual Check Clearing Fee (Closed Account) $5.00 each
Overdraft from Savings Acct. to Checking Acct. $3.00 each
NSF Return/ACH Return Fee $35.00 each
Stop Payment $35.00 each
Currency Requests $10.00 per request over $5,000
Coin $0.20 per roll
ATM Fees (DBAs only)
ATM/Check (Debit) Replacement Card $10.00 each
Overdraft Fee $35.00 each
Replace or Reorder PIN $1.00 each

*Restriction applies.

**Inactivity for 60 days on Savings Account with less than $500 on deposit and no other account relationship within same member number