We are happy to provide our members the service of sending and receiving wire transfers. These transactions allow financial institutions to send funds between institutions (often for a fee) for whatever reason the member may have. You may use this service to transfer funds between institutions, make payments to vendors, purchase goods and services, or to send/receive funds to/from other individuals.

Wires can be both “Incoming” and “Outgoing,” which means that we are able to send funds on your behalf or receive funds from others on your behalf. We also have the ability to send wires domestically within the United States or internationally between other countries. In order to successfully complete a wire transfer, very specific information must be provided and all instructions must be followed.

Wire Transfer Fees

Please reference our current Fee Schedule HERE for fees associated with Wire Transfers.

Sending an Outgoing Wire (Domestic or International)

To complete an outgoing Domestic Wire, log into your Online Banking account and click on the “Wires” tab in the upper right-hand corner to complete the appropriate form under “One-Time.” You can also set up Wire Payees, Recurring Wires, and Scheduled Wires for the future within Online Banking.

To complete an outgoing International Wire, log into your Online Banking account and click on the “Profile” tab in the top right. Select “Secure Forms,” complete the form with the requested information, and then submit to our International Wires Help Desk securely. Please contact us at 800.475.6328 x0 if you need assistance.

You may also bring a valid ID with you to any of our branch locations or call our Contact Center at 800.475.6328 x0. Please have your recipient’s account information, address, financial institution and routing or ABA number, BIC or SWIFT, and/or IBAN ready.

As an additional security measure, we may call the phone number on your account to verify the transfer details and/or to request additional information to complete your transaction. Incorrect or missing information may delay your Wire from being processed. Please see our current Fee Schedule for information on any costs associated with a wire transfer.

Domestic Wires (those being sent within the United States) are transmitted twice each business day. Domestic Wire sending instructions must be input into the ValleyStar system by 4 pm EST for same day processing. Domestic Wire information received after 4 pm EST will be transmitted the following business day.

Outgoing International Wires (those being sent outside of the United States) are transmitted individually but must be received into the ValleyStar system by 11 am EST for same day transmissions. All International Wires will be verified by phone to the number on the account prior to transmittal. Any International Wire received after 11 am EST may be scheduled to transmit the following business day. Please have access to your email as regulatory documents will be sent electronically for your signature.

Receiving a Domestic or International Wire

To receive a wire and have it credited to your ValleyStar account, please give the sender all of the following information:

Credit Union Address and Routing Number:
ValleyStar Credit Union

P.O. Box 5511
Martinsville, VA 24115
Routing (ABA) #251481180

Final Credit:
Your name, new ValleyStar account number, and Share ID# (suffix)

Receiving an International SWIFT Wire

What is an incoming international payment?
An incoming international payment (or incoming wire) is an electronic transfer of funds directly credited to your account from an overseas remitter. In most cases, a wire is the quickest way to receive funds from abroad. An incoming International Wire will normally take two to three business days to be credited to your account, but it could take longer depending on the location of the sender.

How does it work?
The remitter (sender) should send the funds in their own currency, and Western Union Business Solutions will convert them into U.S. Dollars before forwarding to ValleyStar Credit Union for credit to your account.

What do I need to do to receive money to my account?

  1. Click on the link: https://secure.westernunion.com/forms/tt/na/?ClientId=59867-US
  2. Choose the country you are receiving funds from.
  3. Complete the relevant information in the online form and submit.
  4. You will then be presented with the deposit instructions via PDF.
  5. Present these instructions to the sender’s institution when remitting a payment to ValleyStar.
  6. When remitting a wire to the beneficiary account at ValleyStar, you must ensure that you are sending the correct currency to the designated currency account. (For example: if you are sending funds from Europe, you will need to send EUROS currency. If you send the incorrect currency to the wrong account, the funds will automatically be rejected.)
  7. Instruct the sending institution to include payment note “ValleyStar Credit Union” and <Your name on the account> in the reference field as specified in the PDF deposit instructions.

What happens to an incoming wire that is received but is missing information such as an account number?
We will try to locate the proper recipient based on all the information provided. If we are unable to determine who the recipient is, the wire will be rejected as “Account not found.”

Canceling an Outgoing Wire Transfer

If you need to cancel a transfer that has not yet been received, please call our Contact Center at 800.475.6328 x0. Although wire transfers are fast and convenient, they are also irreversible. Once the money is received by the receiving party, you cannot cancel the transaction. If your wire is returned, you will be charged a fee dependent upon the fees charged by the financial institution you were sending to.