Gift Cards

The gift that’s the perfect size and color!  Our Visa Gift Cards can be used anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted.  You simply choose the amount and the recipient chooses where to go and spend it.

Visit any branch to purchase a Gift Card. You can purchase amounts from $10 to $1,000 and can choose from two card designs. You’ll also get a handy card holder to personalize your gift.

Check Re-Order

Out of checks?  It’s easy to re-order!  Just have ValleyStar’s routing number and your checking account number handy before you get started.

Click here to re-order now.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Ensure your valuables are safe from theft, fire, flood, and/or vandalism by renting a safe deposit box from ValleyStar. When you rent a safe deposit box, they are locked in a ValleyStar Credit Union vault, accessible only to you.

Contact the branch office nearest you for availability and pricing.

Coin Machines

Why count and roll all of your loose change?  We have an automated coin machine at the Collinsville and Rocky Mount branch offices that is a FREE service to our members.  Simply bring your bag or bottle of loose change, dump it in the machine, and it does the rest.  Take the receipt showing the amount to a teller window, and voila!  Instant cash.

TruStage™ Insurance Products

ValleyStar Credit Union is committed to helping our members improve their financial lives – and our commitment extends beyond providing deposit and loan products/services.

TruStage is insurance the credit union way. Their products and programs are made available through TruStage Insurance Agency and offered only to credit union members. Today, more than 14 million members rely on them for products, programs, services, expertise and experience. With a commitment to dependability and a members-first philosophy, they can help you protect what matters most.

To learn more or get a quote, click on the links below:

Insurance and warranty products are not products of the Credit Union and are not obligations of the Credit Union. Insurance or warranties may be purchased from an agent or an insurance company of the Member’s choice and the Credit Union makes no representations as to the services of any provider.


Be sure to ask a loan representative about any of these great loan protection products!

Debt Protection Program

Protect your family against the unexpected. LoanProtect could protect your loan payments and could cancel your loan balance or payments up to the contract maximums. LoanProtect offers protection in the event of:

  • Death
  • Disability
  • Involuntary Unemployment

Additional protection is available through Life Plus, which adds protection for life events such as accidental dismemberment, terminal illness, hospitalization, family medical leave, and the loss of a non-protected dependent.

Purchasing LoanProtect is voluntary and won’t affect your application for credit or loan approval. To apply, contact a loan representative about eligibility, conditions, or exclusions.*

*Your purchase of LoanProtect is optional and will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any credit agreement required to obtain a loan. Certain eligibility requirements, conditions, and exclusions may apply. Please contact your loan representative, or refer to the LoanProtect Contract for a full explanation of the terms of the program. You may cancel the protection at any time. If you cancel protection within 30 days you will receive a full refund of any fee paid.

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)

We offer a comprehensive vehicle service contract to help protect you from future, unexpected covered repair costs. You can also finance the cost of MRC with your loan so that it is included in your monthly payment. Be sure to take advantage of this benefit available to ValleyStar members!**

  • Different terms/deductibles available to meet your needs
  • Helps lighten the sudden financial burden that comes with unexpected vehicle repairs
  • Especially valuable with higher-mileage vehicles

**Mechanical Repair Coverage is provided and administered by Consumer Program Administrators, Inc. in all states except CA, where coverage is offered as insurance by Virginia Surety Company, Inc., in WA, where coverage is provided by National Product Care Company and administered by Consumer Program Administrators, Inc., in FL, LA and OK, where coverage is provided and administered by Automotive Warranty Services of Florida, Inc. (Florida License #60023 and Oklahoma License #44198051), all located at 175 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago Illinois 60604, 800.752.6265. This coverage is made available to you by CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc. In CA, where Mechanical Repair Coverage is offered as insurance (form MBIP 08/16), it is underwritten by Virginia Surety Company, Inc. Coverage varies by state. Replacement parts may be used or remanufactured. Be sure to read the Vehicle Service Contract or the Insurance Policy which will explain the exact terms, conditions, and exclusions of this voluntary product.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Newly-purchased vehicles depreciate the second they’re driven off the lot: more than 20% after one year.^ When a vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and not recovered, you can owe more than the vehicle is worth. GAP is designed to cancel or reduce the difference between the insurance settlement and the loan balance. We offer valuable protection options including no exclusions for wear and tear, excess mileage, or prior damage.†

^Car Depreciation: How Much Value Will a New Car Lose? CARFAX, Nov. 9, 2018.

†Your purchase of MEMBER’S CHOICE™ Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is optional and will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any credit agreement you have with Us. Certain eligibility requirements, conditions, and exclusions may apply. You will receive the contract before you are required to pay for GAP. You should carefully read the contract for a full explanation of the terms. If you choose GAP, adding the GAP fee to your loan amount will increase the cost of GAP. You may cancel GAP at any time. If you cancel GAP within 90 days, you will receive a full refund of any fee paid.