If you have not received your Economic Stimulus Payment, we want to ensure that you have information about these important deposits. Your eligibility status is determined by the IRS and you can get more information by visiting the IRS website, Economic Impact Payments. Please note: we do not have any information regarding eligibility or payment status.


Q:  What information does ValleyStar have about my deposit for the Economic Impact Payment? 

A:  We DO NOT have any detailed information regarding the deposit. We are processing the payments sent to us by the IRS as they arrive.

Q:  What is the best way for me to know when my Economic Impact Payment has been deposited? 

A:  We encourage you to take advantage of Mobile and Online Banking to stay informed in regards to your account. Click HERE to register for Mobile and Online Banking. Also, check out our NEW credit score feature inside of Mobile and Online Banking. You can track your credit score, receive personalized offers and guard yourself against fraud.

Q:  The IRS website says my deposit has been made, but why don’t I see it in my account? 

A:  Verify with your tax preparation service that your ValleyStar Credit Union account was provided for your direct deposit when you last filed your tax return. Please take advantage of our Online and Mobile Banking as a resource to check on your deposit.

Don’t forget, you can also deposit checks without ever leaving home! Simply download the ValleyStar app on your smartphone, then follow the instructions. If you have a minute, watch our video on how to use mobile deposit capture.